I have taken Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Public Training in MBizM, including coaching sessions from Mr. Harbans and eight weeks preparation for IASSC Exam. The training is designed not only for exam preparation, but suits many employees with goals to increase their understanding on Lean Six Sigma. Overall, the training has been a great experience. The classes were challenging, but each one of us was able to learn so much of it! Generally speaking, I would like to deeply thank to my trainers – Mr. Harbans and Dr. Satnam. I am very grateful to Mr. Harbans for the great time he spent on the coaching sessions. Prior to the preparation for the IASSC Exam, thank you for the patience you had with me and by coaching me to do the sample of IASSC Exam papers, MBizM examination papers and Q&A sessions. It really made a lot of difference to me. I wish success and many achievements for the team of MBizM and that you can continue showing us from different industries on how good it is to learn Lean Six Sigma
Hor Phaik Shian
Senior Finance Executive, Monash University Sunway Campus, Malaysia
Working with Sabee is a fascinating experience, which is not only because her professional attitude, but also great communication skills and broad LSS experience on coaching in bilingual languages. Every time I had a hard time working on my progress of the project, she would be great help of it. I expect we can work together in the future again.
Michael Xiao
Black Belt, Lean Six Sigma, Color & Additive, Asia PolyOne Corporation
Arul is very knowledgeable in Six Sigma matters. I worked with him when providing consulting and training services to a major logistics company in Singapore and Malaysia. He is appreciated by his customers for his pragmatic and hands-on approach. His clients get clear guidance and not the usual high-level consulting stuff - June 20, 2009
Dr. Sibylle Mutschler
Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Clariant Asia was with another company when working with Arulnageswaran at LSS Academy
Arul worked for me on various Alcan projects between 2000-2003 where he gained significant experience of industrial plant operations and problem solving. Arul is very proactive and has the drive and determination to get on with tasks, get the job done and to succeed. He is a good team player and is easy to work with. I was always impressed with Arul's business knowledge which complimented his technical abilities. I wish him every success in the future - June 12, 2009
Dr. Tom Farley
Programme Manager - Rolling and Finishing R&D, Alcan managed Arulnageswaran at LSS Academy
Coupled with a pleasant demeanour, I find Arul to be a trustworthy person and one that could be depended on to ensure a job is done well. He is also willing to go out of his way to help others. In the field of Six Sigma, Arul carries with him a wealth of knowledge and experience and I have no doubt that he beings high premium to whoever works with him -  June 9, 2009
Allan Lee
Global Quality Manager/ Six Sigma Master Black Belt, British American Tobacco was with another company when working with Arulnageswaran at LSS Academy
I have had the fortune to work under the professional guidance and support of Dr. Arul on two ‘First Choice’ projects. It is thanks to the success of these projects and others supported by Dr. Arul that the ‘First Choice’ program has earned a permanent place in our everyday working life and continues to drive improvements in our processes and greater efficiency and effectiveness within our organization. Without a doubt the skills, knowledge, patience and commitment of Dr. Arul has provided the winning formula for our ‘First Choice’ successes. I would recommend Dr.Arul as a consultant to any business wishing to implement or improve through 'First Choice' or any other 'Six Sigma' or 'Lean' related methodolgy. - June 9, 2009
Chris Rouse
Hired Arulnageswaran as a Business Consultant in 2008, and hired Arulnageswaran more than once
I started this course without any prior understanding and familiarity of Six Sigma. With extensive and dedicated coaching from Dr. Satnam Singh in a 5-module coaching session (i.e. DMAIC), I began to progressively learn more of Six Sigma constructively and had practically applied it in my project aimed at cost reduction and optimization of procurement processes. Every Green achieved at each tollgate stage was testimony to the true achievement of applying Six Sigma to realize and champion our project goal and objectives. It was as ever as great as having an efficient and effective and tolerant coach to ensure success for our benefit.
Senior Executive
Senior Executive, GLC Malaysia
Dr. Satnam and Mr. Harbans did an outstanding job for us in introducing Six Sigma and it is greatly appreciated, above and beyond what I would have expected when going into this. Taking the Lean Six Sigma course for cost reduction and process improvement was enjoyable and energizing. I am able to apply the concepts shared in the sessions to be applied in small and large scale projects for my clients
Mahinderjit Singh
Managing Director, TECHLINE Engineering Sdn. Bhd.
Being a trainer you have portrayed a profound knowledge in the subject matter. You are well structured in your presentation. You managed to interact well with the participants especially on eye contacts. Furthermore I noticed that you are able to attract the attention of the participants
Ir.Mukhtar Che Ali
Senior Manager Standards & Quality, Construction Industry Development Board, (CIDB Malaysia)
Sabee did a great job in teaching the Lean Six Sigma principals to all my team members ranging from analysts to subject matter experts and Functional Leads. She is able to teach in step by step and guide them during the tutorial classes so that they are able to quickly grasp the methods required to complete projects. Arising from these trainings, my team delivered at least 10 lean projects and 2 full Lean Six Sigma within a year to improve on operations as well as ingrained in the team a continuous improvement culture on our daily operations
Daniel Tan
HR Operations Lead MNC Consulting Company