lss-manager-dr-arul2Dr. A Aruleswaran is LSS Academy’s founder, principal consultant and a strategic advisor aiming to assist companies to develop strategies and execution planning through continuous improvement methodologies based on the Ascent E3 Framework and Lean Six Sigma. Arul began his career as a technical assistant for Minsec Engineering Services in 1994 and continued to site management, leading a group of 50 employees in an engineering fabrication and construction facility. Following this, Arul pursued a degree and Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering at Oxford Brookes, Oxford, UK.

Moving into a career of research and development, continuous improvement and Lean 6 Sigma, Arul joined Alcan in Banbury Laboratories, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom in 2001. He started as research scientist for Aluminium rolling and continuous casting process and engineering measurement technologies later moving on to Novelis Inc Global Technology Centre in Kingston, Ontario, Canada in 2004 for Lean 6 Sigma based continuous improvements, strategic and multi-generational planning for the Aluminium Light Gauge Metal business group and Technology Innovation group.

Currently, Dr Arul is engaged to drive change by implementing the Ascent E3 Framework and Lean Six Sigma for the Penang Development Corporation and Penang Town Council under the sponsorhip of the HE Lim Guan Eng, the Chief Minister of Penang.

Among Arul’s finest Lean Six Sigma achievements was a project to scope out a suite of projects to eliminate losses of process waste. The Lean Six Sigma project is estimated to return US $3MM in value creation and reduce the dependence of tier 1 material supply. The project has both a positive economic and environmental impact. The project was executed using a diverse group of engineers and operations personnel using the methodologies of Lean 6 Sigma and broke new grounds by innovating and developing the required methods and tools to perform “scoping projects”. This innovation has lead to the development and application of the Ascent E3 Framework